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A Vibrocomp levegős szakembert keres az alábbiak szerint:

Vibrocomp is looking for Air Quality / Odor specialists to work in Dubai / China. If you are an ambitious AQ expert and wish to work in a team of young professionals in one of the countries leading consultancy companies send us your CV! Applicant's CV to be sent to Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. FTAO: Peter Farago, Manager

Budapest will be your primary office location, however about half of your time will be spent in the Middle East, where Vibrocomp ME is the first environmental consultant to the Government of Dubai.

Job benefits:
- work in a challenging multinational environment
- continuously expand your field of knowledge with continuous research collaboration (like Fraunhofer Institute)
- work on unique pilot projects,
- competitive salary

You should have:

At least 7 years of work experience in the field,
Work experience from Municipalities, Environmental Agencies or other related government bodies is highly appreciated.
Equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in
mechanical or civil engineering,
physics or a related field.

Required Knowledge:
General requirements:
Problem-solving techniques and processes to facilitate the identification and resolution of issues related to the completion of work assignments.
Time management techniques to provide for efficient prioritization and completion of projects and assignments.
Other computer software (at least basic skills using MS Windows and MS Office, the use of GIS, AutCAD and Matlab is highly appreciated)

A) job option: modelling expert:
International standards, regulations and policies.
Statistical analysis methods and techniques to interpret and understand air quality data.
Air Pollution modelling software (SoundPLAN AIR, AERMOD, Fluent or equivalent)
Dispersion calculation methods (at least Gaussian and Lagrangian, knowledge of wind field based methods is highly appreciated)

B) job option: sampling expert
Air quality and emission monitoring instruments (AQM60 or similar)

You must be able to:
Remain fair and unbiased to consistently apply rules and regulations.
Review and interpret scientific and technical reports to make recommendations based upon documented data and information.
Perform mathematical computations to analyze and summarize data.
Identify discrepancies in data and information.
Read and evaluate written documents of varying.
Write clear and concise explanations of the contents of technical materials.
Write and edit memos, reports, regulations, procedures, and letters for proper content, format, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to provide information.
Analyze situations or problems to determine and implement appropriate courses of action.
Work independently on projects and participate in and contribute to the effectiveness of a group or team to ensure cooperation.
Prioritize timelines while being flexible to changes in priorities, assignments, and other interruptions to deliver products or services on time.
Work under the pressure of a heavy workload and tight timelines
Interact with and relate effectively to the public, staff, and stakeholders to maintain positive and productive relationships.
Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with staff, management, and stakeholders to efficiently and effectively carry out assignments.
Verbally communicate clearly, concisely, and appropriately for audiences with varying levels of understanding to effectively convey information.