Hatósági levegő tisztaságvédelmi szakembert keresünk Dubai-ba

Az alábbi állásra keresünk vállalkozó szellemű szakembert: Dubai, az Egyesült Arab Emírségek legnépesebb és második legnagyobb városa. A Perzsa-öböl déli partján fekszik, az Arab-félszigeten. A Vibrocomp ME, mint a Dubai Önkormányzat megbízott zaj-, rezgés- és levegőtisztaságvédelmi konzulense, az önkormányzat részére hatósági levegő tisztaságvédelmi szakembert keres.

A részletes felhívás angol nyelven:

An Air Pollution Specialist
- designs, conducts, and evaluates air quality and emission monitoring, investigation and control programs;
- collects, analyzes, and evaluates data on the effects of air pollutants on human health, vegetation, wildlife, water supplies, and other aspects of the environment;
- assesses the impacts of existing and new emission sources;
- conducts and evaluates air monitoring programs;
- collects and evaluates monitoring measurement results;
- conducts short and long term control measurements;
- develops regulatory and policy measures and implementation plans and procedures for air pollution control;
- evaluates respective parts of EIA documentations, gives recommendation if needed;
- enforces compliance with air quality and emission standards;

Work environment
- Air quality specialists spend equal amount of time indoors and outdoors.

- At least 7 years of work experience in the field,
- Work experience from Municipalities, Environmental Agencies or other related government bodies is not mandatory but highly appreciated.

Equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in
- environmental,
- chemical,
- mechanical or civil engineering,
- biology,
- chemistry,
- physics or a related field.

Required Knowledge:
- International standards, regulations and policies.
- Statistical analysis methods and techniques to interpret and understand air quality data.
- Air Pollution modelling software (SoundPLAN AIR, AERMOD, Fluent or equivalent)
- Dispersion calculation methods (at least Gaussian and Lagrangian, knowledge of wind field based methods is highly appreciated)
- Air quality and emission monitoring instruments
- Problem-solving techniques and processes to facilitate the identification and resolution of issues related to the completion of work assignments.
- Time management techniques to provide for efficient prioritization and completion of projects and assignments.
- Other computer software (at least basic skills using MS Windows and MS Office, the use of GIS, AutCAD and Matlab is highly appreciated)

Candidate must be able to:
- Remain fair and unbiased to consistently apply rules and regulations.
- Review and interpret scientific and technical reports to make recommendations based upon documented data and information.
- Perform mathematical computations to analyze and summarize data.
- Identify discrepancies in data and information.
- Read and evaluate written documents of varying.
- Write clear and concise explanations of the contents of technical materials.
- Write and edit memos, reports, regulations, procedures, and letters for proper content, format, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to provide information.
- Analyze situations or problems to determine and implement appropriate courses of action.
- Work independently on projects and participate in and contribute to the effectiveness of a group or team to ensure cooperation.
- Prioritize timelines while being flexible to changes in priorities, assignments, and other interruptions to deliver products or services on time.
- Work under the pressure of a heavy workload and tight timelines
- Interact with and relate effectively to the public, staff, and stakeholders to maintain positive and productive relationships.
- Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with staff, management, and stakeholders to efficiently and effectively carry out assignments.
- Verbally communicate clearly, concisely, and appropriately for audiences with varying levels of understanding to effectively convey information.

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